Saturday, April 29, 2017

Pronoun Task

Choose the correct form in the following sentences. Punctuate properly.
  1. Yourself /you and John were mentioned
  2. She told Mary and me/ myself to go with her/ herself.
  3. The book is for you/ yourself and I/ me/ myself.
  4. Henry and I/ me/ myself are in the same class.
  5. He thinks you/ yourself and I/ me/ myself should bring the books.
  6. Our friends and we/ us/ ourselves are going out tonight.
  7. Herself/ she and her husband have been sick.
  8. They/ themselves and their children have gone abroad.
  9. You play the violin better than he/ himself.
 10. The machine failed to work well, because it/ itself and the engine were not properly adjusted to each other.
 11. Let them do it theirselves/ themselves.
 12. He came by hisself/ himself.
 13. The teacher hisself/ himself could not have done better.
 14. I'll bring my gun, and you bring your'n/ yours/ your own.
 15. That book is his'n/ his.

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