Monday, April 17, 2017

Pronoun Task

Fill in the blanks with the proper pronouns. See that there is agreement in person, gender, and number:
  1. Has everybody finished ____ work?
  2. If any one wishes a longer time, let ____ hold up ____ hand.
  3. The panther sprang from ____ lurking place.
  4. A man has (have) lost ____ money in speculation.
  5. The cat came each day for ____ bit of meat.
  6. Everyone has to prove ____ right to a seat.
  7. Let every boy answer for ____ self (selves).
  8. The crowd was so great that we could hardly get through ____.
  9. Let any boy guess this riddle if ____ can.
 10. Company was greatly reduced in ____ numbers.
 11. Every animal has some weapon with which ____ can defend      ____self (selves).
 12. Nowhere does each dare do as ____ pleases (please).
 13. The elephant placed ____ great foot on the man's chest.
 14. The child did not know ____ mother.
 15. Death gathers ____ unfailing harvest.
 16. Every kind of animal has ____ natural enemies.
 17. The committee instructed ____ chairman to report the matter.
 18. Two men were present, but neither would tell what ____ saw.
 19. Truth always triumphs over ____ enemies.
 20. Nobody did ____ duty more readily than I.
 21. The cat never fails to catch ____ prey.
 22. I have used both blue crayon and red crayon, but ____   (do) not write so clearly as white.
 23. If John and Henry whisper (whispers) ____ will be punished.
 24. If John or Henry whisper (whispers) ____ will be punished.
 25. Both Columbus and Cabot failed to realize the importance    of ____discoveries.
 26. Neither the lawyer nor the sheriff liked ____ task.
 27. The canary longed to escape from ____ cage.
 28. The rat ran to ____ hole.
 29. The dog seemed to know ____ master was dead.
 30. Everyone should try to gather a host of friends about ____.
 31. If any one wishes to see me, send ____ to the Pierce Building.
 32. Probably everybody is discouraged at least once in ____ life.
 33. Nobody should deceive ____selves (self).
 34. Let each take ____ own seat.
 35. Let each girl in the class bring ____ book.
 36. Let each bring ____ book.
 37. Let each bring ____ sewing.
 38. The fox dropped ____ meat in the pool.
 39. The rock lay on ____ side.
 40. Let sleep enter with ____ healing touch.
 41. Each believed that ____ had been elected a delegate to the Mother's Congress.
 42. Consumption demands each year ____ thousands of victims.
 43. Summer arrays ____self (selves) with flowers.
 44. Despair seized him in ____ powerful grasp.
 45. If any boy or any girl finds the book, let ____ bring it to me.
 46. Let every man and every woman speak ____mind.
 47. Spring set forth ____ beauties.
 48. How does the mouse save ____ self (selves) from being caught?
 49. The hen cackled ____ loudest.
 50. Some man or boy lost ____ hat.
 51. John or James will favor us with ____ company.
 52. Neither the captain nor the soldiers showed ____self (selves) during the fight.
 53. If the boys or their father come we shall be glad to see ____.
 54. Every man and every boy received ____ dinner.
 55. Every man or boy gave ____ offering.

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