Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Vocabulary Task


1.     Individuals sent quotation to Oxford, but no organization was established to make the collection systematic or complete, and at the meeting of the Association the section had ceased to exist, or at least had _____ its literary character.
2.     Mr. Threlkeld is not the only writer who will not acknowledge as aboriginal _____ words with an undoubted Australian pedigree.
3.     Australian aboriginal words have been written down on no system, and very much at _____.
4.     All it indicates is somewhat childish effort to gain the approval of Englishmen- a belated _____ of the colonial spirit, often commingled with fashionable aspiration.
5.     I am conscious that, like every other work of the same sort, it must necessarily, and without thereby _____ its general system, be subject to correction in many points of detail.
6.     Should governments spend more money to eradicate diseases like malaria?
7.     Ethnographical sources indicate that _____ and pyrite were used in combination to produce fire.

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