Saturday, January 21, 2017

Some riddles (Elementary-Advanced level)

Good morning my dear English learners! Today there are some riddles for you. Can you solve them?))))
1.  Without my first you cannot stand,
  My second beauteous fair command;
  Together I attend your will,
  And I am your humble servant still.
2. Why ought a fisherman to be very wealthy?
3. Why is a man in debt like a misty morning?
4. Who was the first that bore arms?
5. There is a word of seven letters; the first two refers to man, the first three refers to woman, the first four signifies a great man, the seven a great woman.

1.       Footman
2.       Because his is all net profit.
3.       Because he is surrounded with dues (dews).
4.       Adam.
5.       Heroine.

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