Sunday, January 15, 2017

Vocabulary Task (Intermediate-Advanced level)


1.     It was August and a glaring sun held possession of a cloudless sky; but the ocean breeze, which always arrives punctually the middle of the afternoon _____ the air balmy and invigorating.
2.     This is _____, if not fairly irritating.
3.     So my _____ little woman is obliged to get someone to come to her rescue?
4.     He _____ someone’s name.
5.     The intellectual development of Crowley came from kind treatment and constant contact with his keeper and the director of the _____, both of whom were his devoted friends and teachers.
6.     For while the King was aggressive, arrogant, domineering in the consciousness of his power, the Archbishop was _____, insolent, and inconsistent, inasmuch as he now boldly condemned what he had formerly counseled.
7.     At that time a priest who had committed any crime could be tried by an ecclesiastical court only; consequently very few criminals of this class were convicted and adequately punished; in most cases the accused, even if found guilty, were only _____ and degraded.
8.     Public indignation was aroused by this _____ o such an extent that the King ordered the arrest of the guilty priest and his trial before a civil tribunal.
9.     Becket protested against this order, claiming that it was an _____ of the prerogatives of the Church.
10.                        In the twilight of early Greek history, one event and one name blaze like _____.

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