Saturday, January 21, 2017

Riddles (Elementary-Advanced level)

Good morning, my dear English learners! Can you answer these questions?
1. I am a word of five letters. Take away my first and I am the name of what adorns the estate of many of the nobility of England. Take away my first and second, and I am the name of a place where the entire world was once congregated. Take away my last, and I am the name of a beautiful mineral. Take away my two last, and I am the name of a fashionable place of resort. I am small in stature, but capable of doing a great deal of mischief, as I once did in London in the year 1666.
2. Spell eye-water four letters.
3. Why is swearing like an old coat?
4. Why is a thump like a hat?
5. Why is an inn like a burial-ground?
Answers: 1. Spark.
2. Tear.
3. Because it is a bad habit.
4. Because it is felt.
5. Because it is a resting-place for the traveler.

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