Saturday, January 14, 2017

Vocabulary Task (Intermediate-Advanced level)


1.     The question of treating animals with kindly consideration is usually disposed of by saying they are not capable of appreciating kind treatment; that their brain capacity is so limited in respect to quantity as to _____ them quite incapable of distinguishing active kindness from passive indifference or even cruel treatment
2.     This is but a _____return for the hospitality you are enjoying.
3.     If you must do the one or the other, be sure to use the _____; but it is safer to let up on tobacco until out-of-doors, or in your own room.
4.     Never _____ people, or give a false coloring to your statements.
5.     Never be explosive or_____, accompanying your side of an argument with roaring explosives and furious gesticulations.
6.     Never be cowering and _____, as though delirious of someone to kick you as a boon.
7.     The deportment, the _____ of the rabbit is no more to be emulated than that of the famished wolf.
8.     Never, in the midst of a discussion upon solemn topics, retail _____ jokes, and then ha,ha! boisteriously at them when no one else can see anything to laugh at.
9.     Never _____, yawn, “heigh ho”, or stamp your feet disapprovingly, when others are talking.

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