Monday, January 2, 2017

Vocabulary Task (Intermediate-Advanced level)

Good morning, my dear vocabulary learners! Hope you have a good holiday season! There is a new vocabulary challenge for you today!

1.     Wheat and rice are the food of the rich, while the middle classes of the Empire eat _____ and rice.
2.     We would dress ourselves in _____ things, and go out, and, half an hour after we had started, it would commence to rain hard, and a bitterly cold wind would spring up, and both would keep on steadily for the whole day, and we would come home with colds and go to bed.
3.     Roger, with the hand of the youth clutching the coin, got a snap just as the flash startled and almost _____ the kangaroo and several worses and a few mules quartered there.
4.     At her right hand was the fire place, and upon the coal was a red piece of iron, forming a huge _____ more than half a yard across.
5.     The bread matched this very nearly in size when it was ready to be baked, and it was spread out and turned upon the griddle with great _____, and as soon as it was baked it was added to a great heap on the floor.
6.     In Russia, although its chief export is wheat from the Black Sea, and oats and rye from the Baltic, the peasant oats but rye bread dipped in _____ oil, and even then, as but a few years since, famine visits this _____, and the _____ peasants being reduced to mix _____ and bark with their _____ bread, have at times been unable to procure even this, and have died in thousands of starvation.

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