Sunday, January 1, 2017

Vocabulary Task for Intermediate-Advanced level)

Good evening, my dear vocabulary learners! I have a new challenge for you for this weekend!))) Enjoy! Post your answers below!

1.     Even the _____ is carefully swept up and stowed away for fuel or other useful purposes, such as stuffing mattresses or pillows.
2.     Visitors said they had never noticed before how strong the air was, and weak-chested and _____ people used to throng there for years afterwards.
3.     He would ______ on the sofa and watch me doing things by the hour together, following me round the room with his eyes, wherever I went.
4.     When, in the year 68 A.D., Nero expired by the _____ of a freedman, courage having failed him to commit suicide, the family of Caesar the Great became extinct, even in its adopted members.
5.     Only one hundred and twelve years had _____ since the greatest of the Romans had fallen by the daggers of the Republican Conspirators.
6.     But as a rule, they were defeated by the ______ prelate, who, on such occasions, always found at his command a formidable army composed of the mob of the city and of the monks of the desert of Nitria, which was near the city.
7.     But the Swedes provide most of rye, where their women know so well how to ______ rye, that for colour, taste and for health it surpasses the goodness of wheat.
8.     Her father’s words at once _____ Marion’s lurking fears concerning his attitude to Roger, and her face relaxed a little.
9.     The players are demanding increased ______ for their services.

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