Monday, January 9, 2017

Vocabulary Challenge (Intermediate-Advanced level)

In lieu of

Eloquent (adjective) – eloquence (noun) – eloquently (adverb)
Munificent (adjective) – munificence (noun) – munificently (adverb)
1.     Although his words are culled with the choicest art, yet they flow with rapidity and unparalleled _____.
2.     Its instructively reiterated “Never” will become, indeed, a blessing – not in disguise, but rather in guardian angel’s _____.
3.     Never, however formal your visit, neglect to wipe your feet on the doormat, _____ the hall or stair carpet.
4.     Having inherited immense wealth from his father, and having been endowed by the _____ of the King with a number of offices and benefices from which he derived large revenues, the Chancellor or made a great display of splendor and wealth.
5.     In 1159 he accompanied the King to Toulouse, with a _____ of seven hundred knights and twelve hundred mounted men, all of whom he equipped at his own expenses.
6.     How warm and _____ it is here!
7.     He supposed that Becket, as Archbishop, would be as _____ and willing a tool to assist him in curtaining the prerogatives of the Church and transferring them to the crown, as he had been on a former occasion.
8.     On the contrary, the new Archbishop _____ chose the coarsest and plainest garments.
9.     The passionate and almost _____ attachment with which all regarded her became my pride and my delight.

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