Thursday, January 12, 2017

Vocabulary Task (Intermediate-Advanced level)


1.       It will be a bosom companion in the happiest sense of the term, a mutely _____ monitor of department, a still, small voice as to what is in good form and what is not.
2.       In their separate and individual combination of qualities which _____ them fit and useful companions for man, they stand quite by themselves.
3.       Its contour was almost perfect and the coloring _____.
4.       In addition she had a slender form which she carried with exceeding grace and a modest, winning _____ that was more demure and unconscious than shy.
5.       Montmorency howled, and turned a ______, and the top hamper jumped up, and all the things came out.
6.       Then he gave Roger the heavy, sealed packet- Roger felt the lump supposed to be _____.
7.       He wondered if that _____fellow with the low-brimmed hat, could be following him.
8.       There were about a dozen _____, rowdyish young men and boys racing to and fro in a rough, noisy game of tag.
9.       Never _____ criticize the furniture, the pictures, or the wallpaper as being cheap and mean.

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