Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Do you know these words? Check yourself! (Intermediate-Advanced level)


1.     An “insider” was responsible for opening that _____ trap.
2.     This was a _____ one had never seen before, and the grey-haired military policeman could give no help.
3.     The storm between the two mighty men, each self-willed and _____, was brewing, and when it finally broke out, it was fierce and relentless.
4.     Although _____, they are as much parts of the living organism of the horse and dog as are their eyes or the other organs needed for physical purposes.
5.     No human being could have taken in the whole situation more completely or caused the physical organization to respond to the brain command with greater _____.
6.     In _____ the various powers which he employed in his methods of expression he showed remarkable ingenuity.
7.     This was trying labor, and McGlory’s enthusiasm over the adventure had been on the _____ for some time.
8.     The big foot of a tree, lying across the road like a half- buried railroad tie, was safely _____, and under the shade of the tree to which the root belonged Matt and McGlory threw themselves down.
9.     But she was competent to do her work and performed it so much better than any “secretary” the real estate agent had before had that he would have been as _____ to lose her as she was to be dismissed.

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