Monday, January 16, 2017

Why do we live,love? (Intermediate-Advanced level)

Good morning, my dear English learners! I have a very thoughtful poem for you. Why do we live, love? Comment your ideas below!
THIS sheaf that I have bound, of mingled grain,
          Beneath the noon to give a spot of shade,
          Where might we sit and mark, before they fade,
    The fleeting light across life’s dappled plain;
    Before with its treasured had Time’s rolling wain—
        Piled up with memories, and thoughts unsaid,
        With hopes and fears in trembling leaf and blade—
    Turns sun-ward, where the harvest-home is made.

    Perchance the tangled stems some flowers enfold,
      Not all unmeet the brows of her to wreath,
        Who with me bore the burden of the morn.
        If yet the scarlet please not, on the corn,
    Love’s blue is stedfast, and thy name in gold
      Is written by love’s wing-feather underneath.

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