Thursday, January 5, 2017

Vocabulary Task for Intermediate-Advanced learners


1.     It is threshed with _____ made of bamboo, and then pounded by a rough stone hammer, working in a mortar which rests on a pivot, and is operated like a treadle by the human foot.
2.     Gruellum was _____ barley, which the Gauls ate  in soup with boiled meat.
3.     It’s a great city: hidden bars, _____ laneways and ore smashed avocado than you could poke a stick out.
4.     Even though, I’ve been to Melbourne many times, I love that I’m still discovering hidden _____ and cool new places to go.
5.     The fact that no pressure from outside had given its clue in the pictures, showed him that some “insider” might have opened the only possible place to get the kangaroo in – the coal _____.

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