Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Vocabulary Task (Intermediate-Advanced level)


1.     This is the origin of the French word gruau (groats), which is equally applied to _____ oats.
2.     It is doubtful if he saw the girl, for his eyes had an _____ expression.
3.     From the casement, standing hand-in-hand, theyw ere watching the calm moonlight on the river, which from the distant halls the _____ revelry floated in broken bursts of faint -  heard din and tumult.
4.     He affected _____ in every way, frequently flogged himself for impure thoughts or nominal sins  which he might have committed, and every day he knelt and washed the feet of thirteen beggars.
5.     During the Civil War, she was also an _____ abolitionist.

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