Thursday, January 19, 2017

Riddles (Elementary-Advanced level)

Good morning, my dear English learners! There are some riddles for you today! Can you find the answers?
1. Who prolongs his work to as great a length as possible, and still completes it in time?
2. Why are young ladies like arrows?
3. Why is a philanthropist like an old horse?
4. How can five persons divide five eggs, so that each man shall receive one, and still one remain in the dish?
5. How many soft-boiled eggs could the giant Goliah eat upon an empty stomach?

1. The rope-maker.
2. Because they cannot be got off without a bow (beau).
3. Because he stops at the sound of wo.
4. One takes the dish with the egg.
5. One, after which his stomach is not empty.

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